Passive Affiliate Income – This is the Only Way to do it!

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If you do a search online you will find 100s of technics you can use to generate an online income, most of them are not passive at all, only a handful of methods are almost passive after setting things up! In this post you find the best method to generate a passive income, well almost passive! How to build a passive affiliate income from the scratch?

Do some research

As affiliate marketer, you will get paid by other product owner for promoting their products! First thing to do is to choose a good market and product to promote! Its higly recommended to choose quality products with the potential to really help your customers solving their problem! You can easily kill your unborn business if you start promoting crap only!

Prepare something to giveaway

The next step is to create a free gift to give away! This will be used to build your email list! Just write an ebook with a few pages or create a short tutorial video to match your topic! This method will work best, if you manage to really provide useful information inside this free gift!

Landingpage Creation

When your free gift is ready, its time to create the matching landingpage! This can be done in many different ways and by using a variety of tools! The landingpage offers your free gift and asks your visitors to enter his email in exchange! Remember to integrate the signup form of your autoresponder into your landingpage in order to collect your visitors email addresses!

Write Emails for your Follow Up Autoresponder

The next step is to create a follow up autoresponder series to promote the products you have choosen to promote! It is a good idea to mix up promotional content with real useful tips and tricks! Before you start promoting products, ensure to deliver some useful information about the given topic to your readers, this will massively increase your conversions!

Driving Traffic to your landingpage

In order to make money online as affiliate, you need to get traffic to your offers! You donĀ“t need to get 1000s of visitors, instead focus on real targeted traffic, intersted in what you have to say! There are many methods to get traffc, choose a few matching your niche and start to promote!Choose  a few methods to drive targeted traffic and see how your landingpage performs! As soon as your landingpage converts properly you can scale your advertising till you really make a good income!

Follow these basic steps in order to create your passive affiliate business!    If you liked this post, ensure to share it on twitter or Facebook! Thanks